Open House | Free Walk-In Assistance for Everyone

Learn by doing, master by teaching. 

The Makerspace offers regular walk-in periods known as Open House days or “Fiktdagar.” At these events, everyone is welcome to come and get help using the available tools, work independently or help one another. 

Grófin (music and visual media software): Open House is every Wednesday between 15 and 18.
Gerðuberg (3D printing, badge making, vinyl cutting): The first and third Tuesday of the month from 15:00 to 17:30. 
Árbær (sewing machines): The first Monday of each month between 16:30 and 18.
Úlfarsárdalur (badge making, vinyl cutting and more): Open House is the first Thursday of each month between 15:00-18:00.

Krakkahendur að sýna barmmerki

At Grófin and Árbær Makerspace, Open House days or "Fiktdagar" are open to everyone age 13 and older, and younger children can come accompanied by adults. At Gerðuberg age 8 and above are welcome. Occasionally due to space constraints and social distancing measures, prior registration may be recommended to guarantee a seat.  No library card or membership is necessary.  In accordince with our stefna Opin rými allra / Open Spaces for Everyone, all are welcome regardless of age, background, language or ability.

Each Makerspace runs its own schedule, but in general Grófin Makerspaces holds Open House weekly, and Árbær and Gerðuberg monthly and bi-monthly.  Find the next Open House in our Event Calendar.

Teacher instructing a blond boy with a computer

Attendees all share their knowledge with one another during Hacking Days. At the Makerspace, we learn by doing, but master by teaching one another.  Thus beginners and experts alike are essential members of the Makerspace community.  Instead of “do it yourself,” we believe in “do it together.” 

What do I need to bring? Do I need to know anything?

During Open House, participants do not need to bring anything other than an open mind!  Makers young and old can bring their own projects, or try something new in a supportive environment where first attempts and mistakes are celebrated.   

Join us at our next Open House and start creating!