What is the Makerspace?

The Makerspace is a place where everyone can freely access a variety of professional tools and technologies. The library Makerspace hosts a variety of workshops and open “walk-in” hours known as Hacking Days. At other times users can book individual tools and rooms.  You can use the space to experiment and hack, work independently or in a group, and share and learn new skills at your own pace!

Grófin: Hacking Days are every Wednesday between 15 and 18.
Gerðuberg: Every other Tuesday from 15:00 to 17:30. 
Árbær: First Monday of each month between 16:30 and 18.

The Markerspace is for everyone

The Makerspace offers something for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. For example you can 3D print a phone case, write music, edit videos,  use sewing machines to meke your own clothes, print all kinds of markings and stickers, use the badge maker or program in Minecraft and create a world with others!

You can even get started without a library card.

Hacking Days - "Walk-in" hours

During our open “walk-in” hours,  everyone ages 13 and older is welcome to walk into the Makerspace and start making.  Walk-in hours vary at each branch, depending on which equipment you want to use.

Outside of “walk-in” hours, all library card holders ages 13 and older can book time for free at the Makerspace.  Library cards are free for children under 18, senior citizens 67 years and older, people with disabilities and people receiving a rehabilitation pension.  For everyone else, there is a small annual fee. 

Find more information about the next "walk-in" in our Calendar


Kids ages 8-16 can also sign up for free workshops held in the Makerspace.  No library card is required to register at Makerspace events

Where can I find the Makerspace?

The Makerspace can be found in three different locations of the Reykjavik City Library: Árbær, Gerðuberg, and Grófin. Each space offers a specialized collection of creative tools with a unique emphasis.