Tengivirkið lógó

Tengivirkið - Young People Connect

At Young People Connect (Icelandic: Tengivirkið) people at the age of 16 - 25 with another mother tongue than Icelandic (AM) come together, learn some Icelandic and do all sorts of fun things, such as play board games, draw, knit, watch movies, go to exhibitions and have interesting visitors.

Participation is free and open to all. No registration and no obligation, everyone can attend as often or rarely as they want.

The project is carried out in collaboration with the Laugardalur and Háaleiti Service Center, but Young people connect is only one part of a larger project led by the Service Center. The project is part of the library's development as an open space, where we seek to get users involved in event planning and making the space their own.

Whom is this project for?
Young people at the age of 16-35 who have a mother tongue other than Icelandic (AM).

We meet on Thursdays between 16-17.

At the City Library in Kringlan

(may be subject to change)

14. October            Drawing with Kristín Arngrímsdóttir
18. November       Learn how to make notebooks with Katrín Helga (K.óla) - (Facebook event)
25. November       Learn how to make notebooks with Katrín Helga (K.óla) - (Facebook event)
9. December          Christmas crafts and hot chocolate - (Facebook event)

Further information
Hólmfríður María Bjarnardóttir
Divisional Librarian / Project manager