Library´s peacekeeping operations | Opið samtal

The library is an environment people are familiar with, it is a reliable part of our lives, and yet constantly developing and changing. A peacekeeping operation of a library can be in providing a platform where people connect and by creating a relevant place that promotes equity in access to knowledge and information.  

With the rise refugees forced to flee their homes, the number of people seeking protection in Iceland has also risen. What can the library do to respond to this crisis? We have the ability to make changes to the space and use it to respond to societal changes. As was discussed in an open conversation with Nína Helgadóttir from the Icelandic Red Cross, there are no ready made solutions and we need to look at the development in whole, where there are constant changes. The group of people seeking protection now is diverse and each and everyone should have equal access to basic rights. The first step has to start with engaging in an open conversation to those who would use the space. Peacekeeping operations should be aimed at meeting actual needs of people in the local community and in cooperation with the relevant actors and institutions.  

We can create a social space for people to work on their ow