Student Refugees Iceland | Torgið

Student Refugees Iceland (SRI) created a cozy atmosphere with coffee and gingerbread cookies at Torgið. It was a welcoming get together with volunteers, clients and others interested in getting to know the project better.

Student Refugees Iceland (SRI) is based on the idea that education is a human right and should be accessible for everyone. The project seeks to provide all relevant information about how to fulfill requirements and apply for higher education in Iceland. SRI also provides information on overcoming common obstacles that refugees and asylum seekers run into when trying to access higher education in Iceland.

At SRI regular Application Cafe meetings refugees have a chance to come and talk to volunteers directly. This can involve not only assistance with an applications but also help with any problems that might arise during the application process. Further information can be found here: Application Café — Student Refugees Iceland


The open spaces of the library can easily be used for such gatherings, where we can share information and experiences in many different ways. We would like to encourage more people to use the library space as a venue for their own ideas and projects. Here you can send in an application for a cooperation.

Further information:
Dögg Sigmarsdóttir
Project manager | Civic Participation

Wednesday December 15th 2021