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16:00 - 17:00
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Young people

Tengivirkið - Young People Connect | Christmas Crafts and Hot Chocolate

Thursday December 9th 2021

Christmas approaches fast with all its bells and whistles. Come and join us at the library in Kringlan where we will have have hot chocolate and make some Christmas Crafts. Who knows, maybe you can make a few christmas cards or a present for someone special.
Free hot chocolate and coffee. All welcome.

At Tengivirkið - Young People Connect, people at the age of 16 - 25, with another mother tongue than Icelandic (AM), come together, learn a bit in Icelandic and do all sorts of fun things, such as play board games, draw, knit, watch movies, go to exhibitions and have interesting visitors. 

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Hólmfríður María Bjarnardóttir | Librarian 
s. 411-6202