Kardemommubærinn, Torbjörn Egner
Kardemommubærinn, Torbjörn Egner

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Children's Culture Festival | Where's my hat? - Exhibition

Mánudagur 10. maí 2021 - Miðvikudagur 30. júní 2021

"When the Robbers came to Cardamom town" is a very popular children's musical by Norwegian playwright Thorbjörn Egner (1912-1990). Not only did Egner write the text, he also composed the music and designed the costumes and the scenery. The play was premiered 66 years ago, and last year, on it's 65th anniversary, the Nordic House in Reykjavik had a poster exhibition of Enger's drawings, in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in Iceland. This colourful exhibition will be on display at the Reykjavík City Library branch of Spöngin this spring.

The musical can now be seen at the National Theatre of Iceland: When the Robbers came to Cardamom town


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