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Guðný Sara starts a conversation in Stofan | A Public Living Room

Miðvikudagur 16. febrúar 2022 - Þriðjudagur 22. febrúar 2022

Where have you gained a spontaneous conversation with a random person? Do you generally enjoy these types of conversations? What story sticks out from the rest?

Usually, we go to the library to seek stories, to open a book and find out new information. It is a place for content and curiosity. But what if we solemnly came to the library to tell a story? In Stofan | A Public Living Room we look at a social space and think about accidental storytelling within those spaces. Is there a certain location where you find yourself in these conversations more often than in other places? Guðný Sara, a an artist and designer, invites you to her personal version of Stofan:

I will ask every attendee to tell me a story. It can be as simple as just one word on a piece of paper, or a whole story. Later I will gather all the material and work on an artwork, a book or a wall piece out of it, maybe looking something like a mind map, which will be accessible throughout the week and will be open to anyone for sharing their own story.

Guðný Sara opens her personal version of Stofan on the 16ht of February at 5 pm in Grófin.

Opening event on Facebook. 

Find out more about Guðný Sara´s creative work in this interview.

Guðný Sara´s Stofan is located in The Circle on the 1st floor in Grófin and is open for a week during opening hours of the library. 

Guðný Sara´s Stofan on Facebook. 

About Stofan | A Public Living Room
Stofan is a temporary social space created by different users, who each month show us how they would like to use the library. Each Stofan is a unique and unexpected space at the library where conversations begin. It is an inviting space to those passing by, to sit down and hopefully start a conversation with someone else. More on the experimental project Stofan | A Public Living Room can be found here.

Further information
Dögg Sigmarsdóttir
Project manager | Civic participation